Surviving Your Freshman Year...
What Every Student Needs To Know To Succeed
 In & Out of The Classroom

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June 17 only!
7:00PM ET

So you're planning to go to college...
It's an exciting time...and a nerve-wracking one. Sooner than you may think, you'll have to adjust to new routines, new living arrangements, new roommates, new responsibilities and new demands on your time and energy. Of course, c
hange of any kind is difficult…but going to college, that’s a whole new level, isn’t it?

But what if there were steps you could take, skills you could learn and habits you could develop right now that would help ease your transition and help ensure that you set yourself up for complete success in the classroom, on campus & beyond.

In this one-hour workshop, you'll learn that you're not alone in your anxiety and you'll be introduced to several student-tested, proven strategies that you can implement starting today that will ease your transition to college and ensure that you are completely confident from the very first day you step foot on campus!

This program is appropriate for all college-bound high school students AND the parents who love them!! See below for specific topics we'll be covering.

You'll Learn:
  • The top three skills you'll want to develop before you head off to school
  • How To Ensure That You're Staying Healthy Physically and Mentally
  • What You Can Do To Navigate 'Sticky' Roommate and other Communal Living Situations
  • What To Do When You're Feeling Lost and Unsure What To Do
  • What Common Pitfalls Most New Students Make & How To Avoid Them
  • What Roles Your Parents, Professors and School Administrators Can & Should Play To Ensure Your Success
  • More
Meet The Panelists:

Nadja Streiter, Psychotherapist and Founder of, specializing in digital and emotional wellness for teens

Mindy Horwitz, Founder and President of, specializing in providing on-campus support services to students & families

Sara Siskind, Nutritionist and Wellness Specialist and Founder of, specializing in delivering on-campus health and wellness advice

Hosted by:
Peter Ratzan, President, Your College Concierge

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